Is the Liberty-Dayton Regional Medical Center a Sound Investment for Taxpayers?

by | Oct 2, 2021

It wasn’t too terribly long ago that citizens of Liberty County Hospital District No. 1 were forced to become owners of Liberty-Dayton Regional Medical Center, the Hospital in Liberty. We were told initially the Hospital District was about indigent care and supporting those in our community who couldn’t afford medical care. It was the only way the Hospital wouldn’t fail. Then the Hospital failed when the corporation that was running it realized it was not a profitable venture and walked away.

Then we were told our community had to have a Hospital, because there were people who couldn’t afford to get care anywhere else. So the District assumed ownership and began overseeing the operations of the Hospital themselves. Today, they operate a Hospital, a medical clinic, and hold the license to dozens of skilled nursing facilities throughout the state of Texas.

Now, taxpayers in the District are once again being told that what they’ve contributed isn’t enough. As legend has it, the aged Hospital facility is all that stands in the way of the Liberty-Dayton Regional Medical Center becoming a “world-class” operation. So, Hospital District directors have come up with a plan to build new facilities in Liberty and Dayton, and expand their operations into mobile emergency medical services. Only then, if taxpayers agree to double their Hospital District property taxes and approve more than $135 million in long-term debt (up to 50 years) will the citizens of the District be able to survive a medical emergency in South Liberty County. (Pretend, for now, that the current hospital facility doesn’t exist and isn’t currently staffed with competent medical professionals).

Thankfully, the voters have an opportunity to be the judge of whether these are wise investments. It’s no surprise that it took an Open Records Request to obtain a copy of the District & Hospital’s budget. Voters should know that these documents reveal that the LDRMC may not exactly be a shining example of prudent stewardship. The Hospital’s own Projected 2022 Budget (approved just a few weeks ago by the same people now asking you to double your taxes and take on $135 million of multi-generational debt) predicts they’ll be operating at a Net Income Loss for 7 out of 12 months of 2022, and will end the year ($554,204) in the hole. (Click here to see for yourself)

Will the new facilities and all the related expenses suddenly turn the Hospital’s losing cash flow into a profitable one? One would certainly hope! But voters shouldn’t wait to find out the hard way. It’s Ok to Vote No!

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