Our Purpose

The Liberty PAC is in favor of high quality, local healthcare. Our volunteer organizers have a great deal of respect and admiration for the individuals serving as directors of the Liberty County Hospital District No. 1. However, we are also opponents of rising taxation.

As 2021 enters its final months and we look ahead to 2022, Liberty County citizens face a litany of tax increases from various taxing entities, including the Hospital District. While we want BETTER care, we also want RESPONSIBLE care. As much as we trust and admire the individuals on the Hospital District’s board, and as grateful as we are for the terrific local healthcare workers, we do not feel that writing a blank check to the Hospital District (or any other taxing entity for that matter) is good for Liberty County.

As we all cope with rising costs of living, now is the time to restrict government spending, not to spend more. We hope you’ll join us in supporting our local healthcare system while opposing higher taxation.