What Do Propositions A and B Really Accomplish?

by | Oct 3, 2021

Are new facilities all that stand in the way of first-class healthcare in south Liberty County? What do Propositions A and B really accomplish?

✓ Doubles Hospital District Property Taxes (a 100% Increase)

To begin with, the referendums (Props A & B) demand an initial 100% property tax increase and potentially a future blank check for levying additional taxes as needed. As if that weren’t bad enough…

✓ Burdens Taxpayers With Long-Term Tax & Interest Rates (Up to 50 Years)

The bonds, if approved, will potentially entangle taxpayers in the Hospital District for up to 50 years, with no guarantee of “modest” tax rates or interest rates related to the bonds.

✓ Discourages Private Healthcare Investment in Growing Areas

The new taxpayer-funded medical facilities proposed in Props A & B discourage truly competitive healthcare in communities like Dayton, which are experiencing growth and expect a continued surge in population.

While stifling incentive for private enterprise to invest in these growing communities, the District’s efforts instead favor low-quality government run healthcare.

✓ Punishes Existing Medical Practitioners

The new government run healthcare clinic proposed for Dayton could cause real harm to the profitable private medical practices already serving the Dayton community.

✓ Overlooks Existing Lifesaving Emergency Medical Services Already Funded by Taxpayers

One of the scare tactics being employed by supporters of Props A & B are that without these new bonds, citizens will have nowhere to go to receive lifesaving treatment in the event of a health crisis such as a heart attack or stroke.

This gross example of emotional manipulation, however, overlooks the existence of local EMS (emergency medical services) already being paid for by taxpayers. By the way..

✓ Discounts Highly Skilled Private Medical Facilities That Are Minutes Away

These skilled emergency medical professionals are capable of sustaining patients in a health crisis and transporting them to a highly skilled private facility within minutes.

✓ Rewards Past Neglect of Facilities & Reputation of Unsatisfied Patient Care

The new facilities planned by the District merely provide what supporters hope is a quick and easy fix to self-inflicted problems, ignoring a history of poor stewardship with no guarantee of truly improved care for facilities or patients.

✓ Omits That Existing Facilities are Sufficient With No Tax Rate Increase

The current facility, even with its issues, is sufficient to continue providing the level of care the Hospital can provide as a CAH (Critical Access Hospital), without increasing tax rates.

✓ Overstates Claims that Hospital Will Become a “First Class Healthcare” Facility

Supporters of Props A & B offer a misleading vision of the level of care provided by the Hospital. As a Government Run Healthcare entity limited by challenges every rural hospital faces, it will never be a “first class healthcare” provider, as some have promised.

✓ Ignores Serious Concerns About Long-Term Financial Viability of LDRMC

Finally, healthcare researchers have raised serious questions about the long-term financial viability of rural “Critical Access Hospitals) like LDRMC, something evident even in the Hospital’s own budget.

As we have noted, we are supporters of high-quality, local healthcare. We genuinely believe supporters of these Propositions may have sincere desires to see their vision of affordable, high quality, local healthcare in Liberty County become a reality, but we also believe voters must exercise great discernment in embracing these particular measures.

Increasing property taxes and bolstering a government run healthcare system is detrimental to the goals of seeing actual first-class healthcare in our communities. If we commit to going down this path, it may cost us for decades.

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